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You can now download the conference proceedings by entering the passcode provided to you at the Machinery Lubrication registration desk when you checked in. The passcode is included on one of the cards inserted into your name badge holder.

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Convince Your Boss

We know you’re excited… but we also realize that you may need to convince your boss. With this letter, we’ve made it as convenient as possible to justify your investment to attend and present the ROI you’ve received. Download the letter as a Word file; we’ve indicated the customizable areas in red for you.

Why Louisville?

Get to Know Louisville

  • Check out the online Travel Guide to get a better idea of what to expect in Louisville.
  • What’s there to do in Louisville? Your opportunities are as big as the Texas sky. Don’t miss the must-see attractions when you visit!
  • Who goes to Texas and doesn’t eat? Not us! Whether you’re looking for Texas-sized portions or a 5-star foodie experience, you can find it in Louisville. Bon Appétit, y’all!

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